Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jungle drums

Just recieved a cpl of phone calls from close friends asking how i was and what was happening, apparently they had seperately spoken to a cpl of ppl and wanted to check in, touch base. Great idea. As Joe rogan sez ,just surround yourself with good ppl and i am happy to report i have kept the keepers in life and let the rest find its own level.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012


My first post from my phone . Room with a view or two

dreaming in wood

Went to the Movies last night home by 10ish in bed by 11ish  woke at 530am but inbetween was again the owner of lucid colour filled dreams although the subject matter related to my sons and their current plight the thing that was most notable for me was the prominence of the weatherboard house this seems to be an ongoing feature of my dreams no matter who comes and goes within the house its usually a weather beaten loose planked weatherboard home. I am not big on how others think I should interpret my dreams and what each item is a metaphor for.I think I will continue to experience the dreams as I live them try to take them where i want to go(I have done this in the past) and just take them for what they are , a subconscious reflection of who I am in time and space. It is interesting that certain parts of my life are highlighted and replayed all while I am conscious on the fact that I am dreaming. I don't wonder if this is relevant to anybody else cos this is my domain where only I have the chance to see the movies that play in my sleep. as I continue I live and sleep and learn and reflect on all that I am and want to be. I am very comfortable with this.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Graffitti in Brunswick

not sure this spray in Brunswick is still around but i doubt it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

18 holes all in a days work

I played Riverside Golf Course my local with Brett today we hired a cart , the only way to go. I did alright but my moment came on the back nine when Brett had finished his 4 cans of extra strength bourbon had rolled a big fat joint and lit it up as we were travelling down the 14th fairway as he grabbed his 9 iron to chip it onto the green, he passed me the joint ,"here hold this and help yourself it might improve your game" being off the dope for a cpl of months I felt no need to suck on it and happily acted like a human smoke holder til he had had his shot , this was repeated a cpl more times before the joint was finished and temptation had come and gone and I was still drug free .. to easy me thinks and not that I wont partake again, maybe I will but this was neither the time or place. I didn't feel like I was on trial but i handled the situation no probs.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Searching for Sugarman

Just watched Searching for "Sugar" man Clumsily slow doco with obvious product placement for the first 20 minutes til this rip roaring    (fact is stranger than fiction) doco takes off and soars to unimaginable heights . As I watched through tears that dissolved 40 years of where I had been to take me back to the time when every record collection of note had Cold Fact up the front where the high rotation lived along with Lou Reeds Transformer and Peter Gabriels' self titled Albums and Zappa live at the Filmore East  you know the white album, Dylans' Highway 61 revisited and Pink Floyds' Dark side of the Moon. 
 The best six bucks I have spent at the Nova in quite a while, Shed a few tears during the film as the talent and selfless dignity of this man took me back to a time when my ideals exceeded my expectations. Whether a day month a year or even forty years pass the essence is in the execution of the everyday . this movie reaffirmed my belief that everything can change so quickly but probably wont as we go about the everyday. i will continue to be personable friendly and communicate who i am and how to treat others in my daily interactions then move on as we all should. this was and still is a seminal moment in time.

here is a link to the music of the man that sang the lives of many so much better than the Beatles of Dylan ever could.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

"the Vape"

Ok  let me expand on my attempt to give up the ciggies i have been a smoker for 40 years , have rationalised this behaviour when it became known to be dangerous to my health hip pocket and now even deleterious to the greater public , i used to smoke and my x did in the car with the 2 kids strapped in the back, hell i even blew a joint or 3 in the same situation without being aware(or made aware by the fucking do-gooders) what damage i was doing .Pfffttt i thought at least i am providing love and rational thought , well it has come to pass i no longer smoke ciggies , as my work always purported you cant extinguish an addiction only replace with another , so now i "vape" don't ingest burnt product in my lungs but a water based vapour with diverse flavours from cigar to pecan pie to watermelon. again i have rationalised that at least its better than my previous behaviour. fucked if i know whether(like this blog) if it will last but i will report and post my progress, suffice to say for now i think i am ahead of the game as this shit don't stink like tobacco and i still sate my need for nicotine as for my not smoking dope well that's another story but when i gave that up (a cpl of months ago) my love of the ciggie amplified to the point where i had to something that's why i am on the "vape' a pic may be in future posts but for now may my words be enough.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

been a while

it has been a while since my last blog (sounds like a bit of been here before ) but i will attempt to contribute on a regular basis to something nobody reads , the value of this is that i do it for me and feedback and other peeps observations and comments are immaterial . i will try to mix up the posts between pictures(an easy out and some of my random thoughts. i have recently subscribed to g+ which is a bit of a distraction but not nearly enough or i wouldn't be here banging away at the keys. .as my phone goes off in the background i will stay focused on the task at hand ... where to start yea  dreams i am the proud owner of lucid dreams which i will go into in greater detail at a forthcoming post suffice to say the podcast that i go to sleep listening to invades my dreams to the point where it actually hijacks them .so in an\ attempt to process my thoughts and not the podcast ramblings of others i will not have the podcasts on a continuous feed. 'nuff for now me thinks stay tuned (well don't even tune in) as i prefer this to be for me about me and to finish it off  this time no pic!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Lily at the show

Spent Sunday at the Royal Melbourne Show and i have a cpl of pics to prove it.
 Lily said it was the best day of her life
                                                      She got her pic taken with Alex
                                                      Happy to get a showbag
                                                                       Dived in
                                                            Mmmm Fairy Floss
                              and picked some roses from my garden to take home to Mum