Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pissing down

it is pouring down and the forecast of lots more to come putting bit of a dampener on procedings with  the spring racing carnival kicking off down the road. Pfffttttt i say cos i  am happy to report i got me Tommies in today scored a diverse varietal array of standard and exotic Tomatoes all at the right price ;-) from Tigerella (i think) to Camp Joy and a cpl of standards in Sweetbites and Romas the list goes on  mmmm  i dream of the harvest already roll on summer roll on.

Friday, October 29, 2010

labels and boxes

i am struggling with the concept of labels on boxes ... if i label a box with a list of the contents do you not look inside and just presume what is written on the outside of the box is what is contained within? or do you look in the box to check it is accurately labeled?. maybe the label relates to what used to be in the box but the contents have changed but the label remains affixed to the outside misleading all to the contents . i am starting to lean towards no label and iffen you want to know whats inside the box don't take someones  word (or letters) by reading the label and accepting it to be true .. look inside and find out for yourself what is actually inside with so many different perspectives these days you might see something in the box that no previous viewer has seen. i know this may all seem a little abstract but tis one of the ways that helps me make sense of stuff. cheers

Thursday, October 28, 2010

a trip down the coast

a hot day today i felt the warmth while stuck inside a car on the way down the coast. another great day as it all ran like clockwork and i managed to tick all the boxes. Fuck i love my life.
a big smile and wish my readers a great evening. personally i will be home alone which is a bit of a novelty these days so as ever i will enjoy my time alone and look forward to some company tomorrow where we may shop, joke and maybe even have a noodle soup ;-)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


great word stuff, it encompasses so many different things today i have a mountain of stuff to do before heading off to the city to meet with professional in the hope of getting closer to the truth of the matter at hand. i will dress to impress as i do on my initial encounter with the powers that be and hopefully garner enough info to carry me through the rest of the weeks meetings

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

been flat out these last few days and am beginning to understand the nature of the beast when it comes to dealing with government agencies. slowly slowly let the monkey go no need to catch the monkey it will return when it is good and ready so like the monkey i will let the Gov agencies get around to doing what is expected of them in the fullness of time. it will be a slow process but it is the only game in town and i will play by the rules until i find a way to hurry them up. no pic as i feel it will detract from my current malaise which is only as fleeting as the wind itself.

Monday, October 25, 2010

got stuff done

 booted of my week with a meeting with OPA, now i move in circles that have been previously beyond me i realize that, more or less ppl are ppl no matter the dress. has a touch of the Dr Suess about it but i have come the the realization that clothes don't make the man but they can determine which door you will enter through. collar and tie for an armchair ride.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

away from home

another day spent away from my cave but like yesterday when i stepped out socially with my friend for the first time in known company tis new`stuff happenin almost daily so as i get ready to eat then accompany my company to watch the fireworks spectacular promised at out current lakeside abode i will sign off with a previously posted pic an oldy but a `goodie

Saturday, October 23, 2010

i missed another day

i have been doin' stuff, these last few days have whizzed passed with barely a chance to catch my breath. i have learned the value of networking already, to call on friends with expertise in relevant areas is how i intend to work as smart as i am prepared to work hard. no pic today i am all business this weekend with next week already starting to unfold. woohoo

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Big day

am off to do my thing with hopefully all parties benefiting from the fruits of my labour

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

coastal scenery

i had to travel to Frankston today after a visit to the Alfred, it has been at least 2 years since i have journeyed along the Nepean Hwy it was a pleasant drive the meeting was short and sweet and i was happy to turn tail and head for home. another productive day and i am off out again tonight for my first evening meeting.
the milestones are rattling past cool eh?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Great weekend

Monday sees me not having the time to wave the weekend goodbye, twas an enjoyable experience with many new things taking place after a fair bit of time being stay at home Steve i ventured out to other places and the circumstances left me with understanding that where i am is irrelevant compared to the who i am with and with my current company there is no place that holds any fear for me.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sleep out

Spent the night at a friends place after enjoying doin' my traditional weekend domestic chores watched a bit of Arrested Development Funny stuff before retiring to a solid nights sleep up early then a latte up at my friends local cafe where we see the usual suspects it is a bit "down market" from my local cafe but i love the diversity and although the latte is not quite as tasty it was a thoroughly enjoyable activity i do love to go out occasionally to do something different

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Stuck in front of the 'puter doin' office based stuff. Gee has the sheen tarnished so soon? i do realize that balance is needed in these sort of enterprises but i have little experience of spreadsheets and such stuff but slowly my mind is coming to terms with GST and tax credits and ledgers and forms and processes. cool if i can convince myself that new can be exciting short of that i will reward myself for every 20 minutes at the coalface and my reward this time is more time at the coalface mmmm interesting and somewhat ironic

Friday went missing

Had a great day yesterday ghosted a few op shops bought a cpl of things. then fell asleep on the bed just listening to the sounds of the evening, i love relaxed so may i suggest you all join me and feel like it's happy hour at Rancho Relaxo and you are the only guest.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nice time to finish

Have knocked off for the day not bad 3pm finish i have other stuff to do but it can wait  manyana me thinks i have enjoyed working today i topped it of with a visit to a friends work where we had a chat and i watched her eat lunch i tried the seafood pasta leftovers mm mmm it tastes like the ocean. am also organising some seedling punnets to kick of the growing season with the last cpl of cauli's about to be pulled there will be plenty of space for the eagerly anticipated summer crops woohoo. so til then i will sign off with a pic as we are having the Melb Stencils Festival over the next week or so it will be a stencil of some sort


start early and finish late has been my initiation into the world of being my own boss. i have found it an easy thing to do with internal motivation i seem to be able to do what it takes to complete the task so i can move on to the next box to tick on my ever increasing to do list. Enough of this stuff i must away tis past 730am and i need to get back to my list of stuff that requires my immediate attention but a pic before i sign off

Monday, October 11, 2010


until today i own a mode of transport with one , two and three wheels now i add four wheels to my collection. A car already shelled out money for a battery a tyre and petrol, fucking expensive business this car thingy on the up side i have already had my 1st passenger on a ride oops i mean drive over to Resiwhere learning along the way i need to focus on the road when driving. oh how quickly i forget although as a passenger i did the same stuff i had done to me today fair cop me thinks. Having a car will change things a little bit but not to much i hope.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

getting organised

it has been a while since i have considered myself responsible but it looms large on the horizon, well so large it is blotting out the sky, so to ameliorate (along with, "actually" the most used words amongst learned professionals i have witnessed this last week,) this almost untenable  situation i will willing take responsibility for me being responsible starting now.  no wait . lol     i mean Now!!

serious Steve is here and he is responsible!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Been flat out like a lizard drinkin' Mate

So busy with a myriad of stuff going on i am struggling to keep pace with the hectic nature of corporate life but here goes ... gotta go. another pic to grace the pages the observant may notice 'tis a pic re-posted.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

more stuff

i have another day of stuff to do offishally starting with an 11;15 appointment. the garden got a great soak last night i has been a while since the garden was treated to such a sustained drink it gives me reason to smile when i think of all the tasty produce which my garden may provide this summer

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


the sun is shining. the memory of balmy summer nights is starting to fill my unguarded moments. i do long for summer and with daylight saving and a cpl of warm days following each other i know summer is just around the corner , my first thoughts are to get my Tomatoes in and the Basil and Lettuce need to find a place in the sun in my garden. my garden beds are ready. the last cpl of cauli's are just about ready to pull, the broad beans are going gangbusters.  carrots, beetroot and Spring Onions and Capsicum and chilli peppers are on my planting list . all theses things make me smile. i pic related to the post wow. some of my produce from previous harvests.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

sleeping the night away

slept soundly and woke rested another big day at work seems like something important is happening somebodies life everyday and today is no different, i am about to shower a don one of my expertly ironed (stripey) shirts. i do realise (and admit) my presentation may make the little bit of difference needed to get my client over the line, i doubt it will but i will do whatever i can to further the cause so as i head to the shower please make sure your outfit suits the circumstances.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Bomber has gone

the coach has left the Cats resigned with a year still to run on his contract burn-out has seen Bomber leave early. After gazza leavin for the coast, this was more of a shock.
but hey  i know as well as anyone, life and footy goes on.
What a wonderful addition Mark Thomson has been to the Geelong Football Club these past 11 years instilling a code of Truth and Respect which has been adopted by most clubs more importantly he has given Sleepy Hollow a sense of pride and has delivered 2 marvelous Premierships and a brand of honest hard and fair football that has won the respect of all footy followers.
Cheers Bomber  we love what you have done with our Club

important Meeting

James is nearly here and the psych ward wont wait well it will but the natives are restless so i must away . maybe more later. a pic cos i can.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Iron Man and unrelated pic

today i ironed 4 shirts, this may not mean much to many (speshally women) but i seriously cannot remember the last time i ironed something, seemed quite theraputic as i mused the circumstances in which the shirt and my good self will be presented. Have some stuff to do this week as ever each week seems crucial to progressing to what still needs to be done. the job i did on the shirts might not hold up to close scrutiny  by an ironing expert and i already can see the skill involved in taking each and every crease out of said garment but tis not my clothes that will get the job done but i do like observing the dress sense and statements the clothing might be making. just consider it will still be me out there but disguised in a nice shirt selected by one who knows about fashion and what fits (me) and speshally ironed by me. cool eh doesn't take much to fill me with a grand sense of achievement imagine if i actually (this word is an homage to Asterix actually) did something. off course a pic not related to my ironed shirts

what a weekend.

Busy times had the crew over on Friday the boy stayed and visitors kept just dropping in, went for a nice walk Friday evening to buy a Hamburger and the local greasy spoon which the boy demolished, Saturday we went for a swim at the local sports centre , very nice and happy to report the boy is part fish. Julz visited to watch her mighty saints get pumped by the pies to the tune of what seemed like a Squillion . after the gang had left another visit saw me take company to the local Viet foodery to have my usual curry beef rendang soup and it was (as ever) brilliant tasty filling but so so moorish,  then out for the evening which turned into a sleep which was sorely needed and happily welcomed. a feed and a wander sees me home to watch the rugby league of a bit of biffo me thinks   Cheers

Friday, October 1, 2010


with the Grand Final combatants returnin to the "G" tomorrow twill be a big day. with the boy sleeping over i am sure fun will be had.

Oops wrong again

the previous post was posted 2 months late i was told after i posted the b'day greeting it was 1st Aug. while i am still brimming over with wrongability i will redeem myself by correcting my obvious (to ppl in the know) error and wait for a healthy serving of, "i told you so's."

Happy birthday

To all the thoroughbred ggs in Straya i would like to wish you happy birthday. 1st October signifies that all the racing horses click over another year.