Tuesday, August 31, 2010

itest is ideal

Went to the college of optometry today for a full series of itests after 2 hours and a few idrops later i was passed all clear only needing mild reading/computer glasses after i had prepared myself for the chance of wearing iwear 24/7 like my young friend C has to. So i only have the audio testing and a clear picture where my senses sit ,so to speak lol ( it made me laugh to type that. funny stuff. not many sprays spotted on my ride to Carlton but i will post a pic or two hopefully of the said sprays ...

Great sleep

slept well woke rested ...i am out and about a bit today i will look for any sprays or pastes i might happen upon. i snapped a cpl of pics yesterday while hangin around Lygon St just haven't transferred pics to 'puter yet . sheesh it can be busy work doin' not much.Been there done that with no result to speak of but i have another bite of the cherry later today. let me post a spray from years gone by i went past the same wall today and it was monotone beige not bad but easy to improve on me thinks.

Monday, August 30, 2010

tired and 'ungry

Have been flat out like a lizard drinkin' these last cpl of days had time to reflect and recharge and am confident that this wonderful life will keep on improving as the weather gets warmer almost summer. woohoo

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lazy Sunday mornin'

Not doin much. a load of washin, a sink of dishes Toast and cereal 2 Javas one plunged one frothed, Watchin the footy wash up from the end of the regular season on the tv hohum i just haven't been that excited this year, well finals are here and it all cranks up a gear or two, i offered to take Oichi to a game at the "G" next week he is considering it. no that sporty the Japanese. i might have to hint about maybe finding a girlfriend at the footy just to sweeten the deal. it will give me a reason to go. so with little enthusiasm and as the pointy end arrives i say "GO CATS" and post a suitable (relevant) pic.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day out




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The Gang

Snapped this on the way to the park. this is one of my favourite backdrops for pics just a few houses up.

Right now

Listening to The Coodabeens on ABC radio as i have done for many many years, the boy and his family are visiting soon. i had the chance for a short trip on the train this mornin after steppin out for a drink and a laugh with a friend last night. i do wonder about the worlds of strangers on a station Guessing who what and why they are at this place then i usually return to my thoughts on who why what and where i am and when i question myself over this last few months the answer is pretty much the same.
My life is fucking brilliant and just keeps getting better and better. i smile to myself and all is well in the world. the the gang have arrived woohoo fun city central here.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Two more of the pastes found within yards of each other

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i have been tryin (unsuccessfully) to blog this pic which i spotted and snapped in Brunswick earlier this week, i will post a cpl more in the same (sorta) cluster. a nice paste.

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Puter playin up

Wont let me post the pic i want to so this will do 'til i tech up a bit.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Up early again.

Picked up by J and on the road by 7am the day has whisked by still have ppl to see and stuff to do.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fast went slow

as a requirement of aforementioned tests i needed to only drink water from 10pm yesterday, easy me thinks but on making a bucket of Java and a cpl of friendly poached eggs on (sourdough) thick toast made me realize that this looks more than nice. As i watched it being consumed, time slowed down. i understood the bounty in my life, not just food but ppl too. i have some of the best ppl in my life both by choice and by blood relation. well to cut to the chase (so to speak) after giving enough blood to fill a cup i cycled a cpl of k's home and had a bucket of Java to compliment the nicest home made veggie soup (garnished (as instructed) with fresh coriander plucked from my garden) i have tasted in a long time given as a sorta swap for friendly eggs for brekky . Fuck i love my life.

Testing times

off to get some tests done the body is showing signs of wear and i think we need to empirically measure the atrophy
a pic to fill some space

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Having noticed the distinct lack of comments on any .... nay all of my posts may i invite one brave reader to venture into the spirit and find something worthy of comment. i will even accept "nice work but i come and look at the brilliant stuff i am churning out on Blah Blah Blah.blogspot."

So grit your teeth (if you have any) and comment
maybe a observation
Do i have to Dbl Dog Dare someone?

a Pic to follow ...

maybe a comment on a particular picture that struck a chord maybe .....?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010


My voice goes out after what my eyes cannot reach,
With the twirl of my tongue I encompass worlds and volumes of worlds.

Speech is the twin of my vision ... it is unequal to measure itself.

It provokes me forever,
It says sarcastically, Walt, you understand enough ... why don't you let it out then?

Come now I will not be tantalized ... you conceive too much of articulation.
—Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass, "Song of Myself"
Stop this day and night with me and you shall possess the origin of all poems,
You shall possess the good of the earth and sun ... there are millions of suns left,
You shall no longer take things at second or third hand ... nor look through the eyes of the dead ... nor feed on the spectres in books,
You shall not look through my eyes either, nor take things from me,
You shall listen to all sides and filter them from yourself.
—Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass, "Song of Myself"

Remind you of anything?

or is it just me?

a pic to post

a friend that spent a year sharing my bedroom. her just being there seemed to help

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Out and about

Doin stuff and pic and a repost me thinks...

The thinking and feeling me are in agreement that I will be open, honest share my thoughts and show feelings.

not all are capable of handling the truth according to someone else.

the truth shouldn't offend.
i think you will continue to give of yourself regardless of what return you receive.
that's how it works in my world and i think tis the same in yours correct me if i am wrong
as stated this isn't a gender specific problem as trophy hunters come in all shapes and sizes.

don't let the behaviour of others change the essence of who you are

i looked but couldn’t find the star sign for the shit kisser, bad breathed useless in bed miserable cruel cunt.
i am sure lots fit into that group yes???

my conscience [when located] apparently lives within me so followin it can mean going nowhere

i have never been driven by feelings of guilt

i do write stuff but it seems to be one process removed from reality
so i tread warily and am armed with a truth that can crush souls [and fearies ]

i don't want to piss on ppls parades just for the sake of it but i can and do with no whiff of nasty.
are we on the same page so far???

Just cannot share, all that I feel,
Its locked in my heart, with mistrust as the seal
Been here before, have seen what you do.
Experience tells me, a looped de ja vu.
Feeling secure with depth in the pool.
Go, play in the shallows. Engage with the fool.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When it is raining we all play inside,
Start with a game called, seek and go hide
You have to count, while I find a spot,
Soon I will hear, “coming ready or not”
Quickly, I rush no time to think,
Hide in the cupboard under the sink
Sporting a grin, I try to be quiet
Closing the door turns day into night
The fit is quite snug, not too much space
The grin that was, disappears from my face
Holding my breath. don’t make a sound
I hear you calling as you wander around
Yelling out gotcha you look under the bed,
Oh he’s not there. try the wardrobe instead
After a while, you just give up looking,
Follow the smell to see what mums cooking
The washing machine clicks the cycle to spin
Knocking the mop, which then locks me in
I bang on the door calling to mum
Don’t think she hears me things looking glum
I am starting to panic need to get out,
What to do next? I scream and I shout
Very scared now trapped in this place,
All of the blood drains from my face
Start feeling sick this is not funny
Got to get out feel trapped like a bunny
Finally mums comes helps me escape,
My brother behind her with mouth agape
“Sorry” he mumbles, “ I didn’t mean,
For you to be trapped by the washing machine”
Flushed with relief, over the trial
Hard to contain the huge smile on my dial
Walk to the kitchen give brother a shove,
Smell what mums cooking sumthin I love
Open the fridge chokes down a drink,
Something I have learned

Am claustrophobic I think


A man who lies to himself, and believes his own lies, becomes unable to recognize truth, either in himself or in anyone else, and he ends up losing respect for himself and for others. When he has no respect for anyone, he can no longer love, and in him, he yields to his impulses, indulges in the lowest form of pleasure, and behaves in the end like an animal in satisfying his vices. And it all comes from lying - to others and to yourself.

~Fyodor Dostoevsky~
The Brothers Karamazov

"Well this is it then!"

The statement resounded as the condemned man tucked into a toasted ham and cheese sammy having half finished a giant take away latte, the stomach would now allow food down to stay. "Well this is it then" prophetic without the knowledge or benefit of hindsight.Nervous was the only emotion i could read on his face as caffeine and nicotine were eagerly consumed. As we drew closer to address (your honour) the court, the jokes start to come thick and fast. but nervousness shined through the bluff bluster and bravado. What time is it ? Judgement time. lots of self speak and grand hand gestures when given space to express.. interesting stuff.the web of bureaucracy saw us crisscross the rooms and floors of the countless seemingly hidden (to me at leart) service counters all accompanied with nervous ppl in different levels of hand wringing or providing comfort to one that is ..Finally sit in the court and watch a rotund bumbling prosecuting Sergeant sweat his way through a cpl of (they were all) applications to resume driving after a drink driving conviction. sitting down by 9:30 am. good start now we wait ......

Court caught

Time catches up eventually apparently and for a friend that asked me to accompany him on his caught court date here we go .not a client but the care factor is raised.
need to catch train into City a report may follow. lol it is like work a little bit.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


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an interesting morning booked in to asses and advise possible future living and social settings. On arrival the objectives change . tis a fluid thing.. some investigation then a couple of calls allows me insight into the power of the phone. when i organized all i needed to do to achieve my objective. Vline St Kilda police and the senior sarge from the country cop shop were all brilliant in helping get the desired outcome. it just lets me realize how lucky i am. that it ain't over til all options have been exhausted. i am very happy that the work i am doing impacts ppls life's in a positive way. for that i am truly grateful and makes working a worthwhile exercise beyond the financial. another probly unrelated pic.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

the road home

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Sage advice.

a text i recently sent to a friend resonated within to the point where the advice was more relevant to me than the intended recipient of the message. it read "Carry your heavy load lightly." what was initially part funny part true became deeper with each reading, then the words took on a life of their own .... words can be funny like that.

a pic that may not reflect the text, in fact more often than not posted pic bears a little relevance to text 'cept what the viewer may read into it.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


An interesting day to say the least it started early and the constant stream comings and going saw a veritable feast of conversations and combinations where i roamed the youngest certainly held court and showed her smarts. it warmed my heart to witness my company in this company. Plenty of food for thought today as i pay homage to the princess and the team she almost religiously follows. as half time approaches the Cats are flogging the Dogs 88 Pts to 20 Pts in the footy televised live from Docklands.


picture this

Friday, August 13, 2010

Relax & Enjoy

Well you shouldn't need to be told twice but i will

Relax and Enjoy

the big wide wired world

Friday 13th

Spooky to some but i reckon just another great day to be alive and am happy to head off soon for a short shift then a date with the chance of fun following
cheers all as ever a pic to follow

Thursday, August 12, 2010

quick Pic

mornin' time

woke early did all i needed ready for work but tired the week is starting to stretch into the distance. nevernmind just a cpl of days to go before i relax and enjoy some weekend leisure .. not wishing to wish my days away i will happily front up and fulfil my responsibilities a pic to finish the missive

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Home safe Home

Seems by all accounts there is a storm on the way happily home after an 8 hour stretch it was an enjoyable day where i reacquainted myself with plunger and bucket as i restrained my natural instincts and was quite efficient with only a cpl of outbreaks of humour and conversation. i was impressed with my discipline and didn't struggle with the less giving me being presented.my ride to and from are still music free and i find myself singing the songs anyway Pfffttt a change is a holiday and i do consider my life to be one long holiday.
a pic to celebrate the printed word my pics are in such dissaray that the random nature of the pics should not surprise. Gunna bring in some plants before the worst of the weather arrives.

spooky stuff

i had a text last night from and i mean way past. after reading the text a cpl of times i just considered it had been sent to the wrong number although the content was innocuous enough i didn't feel a need to respond asking who the intended recipient is. Or why in Fucks name would you be texting me. not unnerving but ensured i gave the message a dbl take before letting it all through to the keeper

spooky stuff

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Road to somewhere

View of the creek from the bridge, i turn left here and follow the path which follows the creek alongside the train tracks and under the freeway (well i think it's a tollway) into Docklands. the Creek is home to a pair of Swans and offspring, numerous ducks assorted waterfowl and the various scraps of modern life that seem to litter the whole country. With the Train yards along the way it is a bit groady but always a joy to ride along whether doing a to or from.

Wet Wet Wet

Got seriously wet on the way home today and without my earphones it was a different ride. Home showered dried and dressed before making a latte and doing even more work (an easy gig today). fielded a cpl of phone calls, then relaxed and considered my week ahead the days and weeks seem to be passing at such a clip 'tis hard to keep up with it at times.August already ffs. On reflection i am in such a good place at the moment with events conspiring to take me to an even better place (if that exists) suffice to say and not wishing to labour the point but (and at the risk of repeating myself)
Relax & enjoy
pic of the view along the great ocean road.


back to earlies after a few days respite. i have had a great last few weeks between shifts and hope to continue that trend after a few hours at the coalface this morn' its nearly 630 am so i must away and prepare for work enjoy your day as i intend to.

i pass this building on the way to an from work.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Just a pic

well not just a pic but a pic of a quality spray (imho) which was snapped in Carlton a cpl of years ago.

Axis of Awesome

great clip on 4 chords

Come join me

i have been on a journey of sorts this past couple of years and when i find the right road i happily follow the path seems the journey has taught me to laugh louder deeper and longer than ever before. this new confidence i have(although previously had a tad of overconfidence bordering on French) come from having ppl i care about joining me along the way. this affirms that being true to who and how you are will reflect in all that transpires, i have had a glimpse of the possible in the last 24 to 36 hours with a raising of the bar in many aspects of my life. what i saw and experienced puts a smile on my face that will be almost impossible to erase. So may i invite all to live with truth and honesty and a respect and love for yourself that will translate into joy for all that choose to embrace it.

a pic to brighten the page ;)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Great fucking day

Great fucking day to be alive, if my history and those near and dear to me have taught me only one thing this is it (keep stating the obvious)(two things) everyday you are here is to be treasured. the good the bad and the indifferent


Saturday, August 7, 2010

i must away

being picked up soon for an evening of food, footy and friendly fun and frivolity a pic to see me off.

relax and enjoy yourself

Lazy Mornin'

not one for hangin' about when i wake today was different i reflected while staring out the window on what the day may bring, soon that was answered in a text message that triggered my enthusiasm for doing different stuff. So deciding to do stuff different today i made a latte and toast and returned to bed to consider stuff.That done i medically needed another latte which i whipped up using my recently acquired machine. i have adjusted the time setting on the blog so hopefully it displays my time when i post stuff. another pic to leave by and the a time check on the post ....it should indicate 10ish on a overcast Melbourne Saturday.