Saturday, July 31, 2010


i am not quite into the rhythm of the five day working week nevermind six or more so i will continue to ease into the month i have ahead and tick them off as they arrive no time for plans but just keep fronting up with all i can muster. here goes ........
a pic that always makes me smile

fyi local free tours

on reading my weekly white hat newsletter of what's going on around Melbourne and wonderful obtuse facts relating to design and history i came across this email to Whitehat. i never knew this and will avail myself of this wonderful FREE service. Melbourne has so much going on hard to find the time.

The ninety minute, guided tours of the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens. They are free and on everyday except Monday, at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Bookings are not needed. Just turn up at the Visitor’s Centre opposite the Shrine.

[I mention this because] many of us have days where we turn up, full of enthusiasm and there are no walkers . . . but lots more people would benefit, at any season, to ‘drink in the air’ of a truly first class treasure garden.


a vid showcasing some BANKSY sprays and stencils


after the ups and downs of the last few weeks i feel pretty flat. On having a serious critical self assessment of who, what and where i am at the moment, i fail. i am my own best friend and worst enemy all at the same time. the games i play with myself to hide the truth of me are becoming more obvious each time i play the game . not to try is to fail and as i have identified (with help from those close to me) my feet of clay i take on the responsibility of moulding these perceived (finally) liabilities and turn them into assets that help me return to the joyous creature i once was.

Friday, July 30, 2010


“it is no surprise to me that hardly anyone tells the truth about how they feel. The smart ones keep themselves to themselves for good reason. Why would you want to tell anyone anything that’s dear to you? Even when you like them and want nothing more than to be closer than close to them? It’s so painful to be next to someone you feel strongly about and know you can’t say the things you want to.” — Henry Rollins
Keep restating the obvious which is forming into a science of sorts

The value of smoke

The value of smoke

I would like to expand
on the value of smoke
Some like to sip
I d rather toke
It helped me unplug
relax and unwind
Calming the body,
expanding the mind
Rolling a spliff
pulling a bong
Brings joy to my life
fills me with song
Juices start flowing
after two or three pipes
On to the computer
stories I type
Read it back later
see what I … thinks?
Desperate ramblings
this really stinks
Go score a q
costs lots of money
Another four pipes
everything’s funny
Am I wasting my time?
should I give it a rest
Look for the signs
the body knows best
Up in the morning
a regular cough
Hop in the shower
to wash it all off
Don’t have a problem
getting things done
No pipes in the morning
well maybe just one
One becomes two
maybe three ok six
The blink of an eye
finish the mix
Clean up the mess
wipe down the table
Get ready for action
as soon as you’re able
Do all the chores
quick as you please
Go for a drive
if I could just find the keys
Can’t find my wallet
my smokes disappeared
Smoke lots of ganja
equals memory impaired
Cruise down the street
after finding my things
Awash with the feeling
that smoking dope brings
Rolling up a ciggie
gathering pace
Dope slows me down
no need to race
Am I going to slow
will life pass me by? still feel connected
a natural high
The rule of addiction
is not quit but replace
I know I need love
to put the smile on my face
I love who I am I love
all the things that I know
No dope to stop me
giving new things a go
Writing more now
it makes better sense
And losing the dope
don’t make me feel tense
So do as you wish
follow your path
With or without dope
I still love to laugh

Froth or Plunge

Gathering my thoughts while snug under the doona looking at clouds out the window, maybe they reflect mood. i needed to focus. so the question is espresso or plunger for my morning ritual, since being presented with the machine i have slowly moved over to the milky frothy form of caffiene. and today was decision time. the volume of a bucket of plunger or the latte which requires time in the kitchen and not letting me watch the steeping process from under the doona but another big BUT with all that said it was the latte for me its taste so good sorta like i am rewarding myself with luxury, quality over quantity although the plunger java is delicious and so so drinkable. maybe in the end when it comes to caffiene like all addictions i will take it as it comes if thats the only choice. Caterers blend is long gone but needs dictate. now for another Latte ........Mmmm

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sheize the moment

She's the moment
She's the movement
Sheesh the moment
Sheesh the movement
Seize the moment

local news

Copy and pasted this from todays paper after hearing reports of the robbery on the radio i live here and walk that area at all times of the night (i have had a case of the wanders lately) and have never felt unsafe but maybe i am naive about the dangers of the night.i await an early arrest and that the streets are safe again but wont hold my breath while i wait.
Commuter bashed, robbed
July 29, 2010 - 7:25AM
A man was bashed with an iron bar and robbed of his wallet and mobile phone after getting off a train in Melbourne's north last night, police say.
Investigators understand the 34-year-old victim stepped off a train at the Ascot Vale train station about 10.15pm and began walking west along Roxburgh Street when he was approached by another man.
Police said the offender first bumped the victim and demanded his mobile phone before hitting him over the head with a metal bar, forcing the man to hand over his mobile phone and wallet.
The robber then fled back towards Ascot Vale train station.
An Ambulance Victoria spokesman said the man suffered a minor cut to the forehead and was treated at the scene for the injury, but was not taken to hospital.
Police are yet to release a description of the offender.

short sleep

Asleep at 10pm awake at 3am let my mind wander snuggled up with Crocky and wished the world away. the peaks and troughs and ebbs and flows are making me dizzy as soon as i think i have stuff sorta sorted placed neatly (or untidily) in it's little box i can move on to the next, but things just will not stay in the appointed place they keep poking their head out. so i am in the process of repackaging emotions with a different mind set (meaning an actual rationale) than i was operating from when these things were previously addressed. if it all sounds way to complicated that would be my inability to frame the scenario without giving to much of me away. my M.O. in times gone past. So i will continue to live in the moment while planning for consequences of my current disposition or try my best to manage all that resides within me at the mo. a pic me thinks

my posts may keeps me posted of how i am travelling

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

evening all

nearly 8pm and i am a tad weary. a visitor brightened the day and early evening, still got a few things on the "to do list" Manyana may see them addressed .. but with a full day booked up i can see a continuous loop emerging, as long as the list is addressed all should be fine in my little corner of the planet. another pic me thinks before i curl up with a doco playin in the background.

evenin' all

half day

finished Job 1 at noon. home to do a bit of domestics then i need to do a bit of shopping for the speshal sourdough bread which has become a must have in my pantry,then back home to start Job 2 wow what ever happened to the casual (not working much ,hard or often) Steve. he is in here somewhere but busy is just what i need at the mo. i also noticed my readers have dbled woohoo
a pic to share cos i need a bit of colour in my life at the moment just need to chase the grey away.


6am coffee in hand and i need to eat before i head off for an half day in wonderland cheers to all my readers lol

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

happy sad

empty alone i feel nothing is left
the home of my feelings is simply bereft
i used to just think it was part of the healing
all that i found is the depth of the feeling
the joy in my grief may help sadness stay
i have given my all to chase it away
the song on the phone confirms it is true
how can i grieve for my loss of you
alone and afraid of what i might do
no anger present but darkness shines through
just sit and wait as emotions arrive
family and friends help me survive
fall into the zone with silence my shawl
keep my own thoughts or share them with all
the silence of grief with no need to wallow
i have the taste in my throat but unable to swallow
bitterness remains the underlying flavour
empty yet full with no sense to savour.
nothing to find i know what is lost
to reach such a place at so high a cost
tears often fall in a happy sad way.
give them the floor then brush them away.
Carry the cloud that follows my glance
sometimes a must always a chance
to grow and expand to cover the sun
deeds of the past that haven't been done
struggle to break the mood of the day
the lightness is dark in every which way
shine like a torch break through the gaps
give in to the feeling let laughter lapse
into a hole so dark and so deep
solace is found in perchance to sleep
the sleep of the dead that never wakes up
is it my fate to drink from the cup
the taste in my mouth lingers to long
my weakness explodes if i try to be strong
give in to the feeling as if i had a choice
the depth of my loss does not have a voice
i am happy i am sad shows me that i care
get lost in the feelings that show how i fear
to let go of the moment when all changed so much
never to talk never to touch
no ready answer no quick replies
there is nothing to say when the fun dies
jolly along step to the light
won't someone remove the dark of the night
i work on the process one step at a time
alone and so empty is happy a crime
give it some room show credit to space
allow all that i love to come to the place
where i can return the smile to my face

Monday, July 26, 2010

Curiosly engaging

An interesting morning picked up in darkness to get a client to an orthop. hospital appointment given his irregular hours and particular "condition" the day will be eventful as we tagteam the wheelchair duties and kept an eye out while the other furthered our prompt progression through the system. Brilliant move to give an Egg & Bacon roll to the most likely to disrupt saw us manage 3 Drs,some radiologists a specialist and get him back to the accom for lunch. this is the stuff legends are made of to parley a possible all day debacle into a commando style raid with serious ninja attributes saw it all done and dusted without any "incidents" i had all my spidey senses switched on but hardly a tingle as i traversed red and blue lines which will mean a return in Sept. for the final assault.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

rendang beef noodle soup.

Great feed last night not as hot as the spicy beef but fantastic taste and the 20 minute wander to the eatery is a nice chance to catch up on the weeks comings and goings. the walk home just helps digest and i do enjoy a leisurely stroll after such a tasty healthy feed.again broken sleep but lattes and Bacon & eggs with the best sourdough toast gave me the lift i needed after reflections left me a little sad but only for a little bit. i gave it air and blew it away.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

off out

for a feed of soup.


Lazy start after a listless night lots of connections on many levels Lil and Bruva are visiting today might have more to report later seems my days keep getting richer and fuller with each passing day. i will just keep fitting them in one at a time with an ever increasing smile growing on the inside.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Dunne & D'Sted

Friday came like a whirl this morning as i considered my day up and riding before i knew it, very relaxing while at work organized a colleague to deliver a latte knocked off at lunchtime a bit of office works for my other job and i am home and hosed for the weekend almost literally. Oichi here maybe more later

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Humble beginings

Spent the day getting soaked and chasing rabbits down holes it all seemed a little Alice in Wonderlandish at the time speshally with the St Kilda streetscape as part of my backdrop and when i returned home, showered and changed and got updates from other sources. The Mad Hatter aspect kicked in and i was late late for a very important date. but it turned out the meeting was not with who i originally chased down the hole.As my new endeavor continues i am sure to meet a whole gaggle of other world type characters and perspectives. tis a rich vein i am mining and even with little tangible evidence for todays adventure i am sure the seeds have been planted that will reap a bountiful reward in the months and years ahead not just for me and mine, the consequences may generate a ripple effect that shines light on some of the darkest of places. Baby steps baby

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i must away

time to go to work brekkie done showered and ready for the ride


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


i feel relaxed and relieved that i am tired due to doing stuff, domestics may not be ... but i do enjoy placing some order into what can be chaos at times. there are pockets of resistance throughout my life but slowly slowly catch the monkey.So with the onset of an attack of the yawns i will leave you with a pic .

pic only

early mornin

its 630 am and i must get ready for work

great blog ....great blog

Monday, July 19, 2010

Chilli Soup.

an eventful day which forced me away from working,home after a few days out and about and with my to do list bulging to the point of overflowing i must be off, suffice to say as stuff happens it is dealt with using a practical application of whatever is close to hand. the result being i feel like fortune is favouring the brave and i will continue to be counted amongst the Lucky Ones. one of the highlights of today was meeting Winnie and having a kickarse Chilli Beef Soup that gave me the chance to readjust the sinuses and breathe again. woohoo

Sunday, July 18, 2010

S ndaywalk

i woke relaxed and refreshed after sleeping soundly .i was treated to a` bucket of plunged coffee and a cuddle that lingers longer than the smile it generates. a quick shower then a casual wander up the street for a paper and a latte. returned to friends place for Bacon and Eggs (from the chooks that wander) and another Java after Brekkie itsa off to do a bit of work before returning to my friends place for a play.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Size matters

As Tom crashed down in the well appointed chair like a sack of spuds the doc was jolted back to the importance of the next 30 minutes.’whats cookin doc?’Was Toms usually precursor to what usually ended up being a one sided diatribe venting toms hostility to all who didnt mirror his passionate belief in the value of chopping dicing and julienne each conversation until the analogy of digesting bite size pieces of rationale thought was not only plausible but highly desirable.doc slipped into the character with the ease that had seen him elected unopposed at the national conference of mind aligners to the lofty rank of president. . Well Tom, the doc started I have just put 2 projects on ice and have I one simmering away on the back burner ready to be served up to the relevant authorities. Enough of what’s on my plate Tommy lets discuss your current pickle, the mention of the word pickle went straight through to Toms defence and set him up for an onslaught of ideas nestled in a creamy rich sauce created to let the body of the ideas be digested with a look of pleasure spreading across the face of the diner
So in what seemed to be the time taken to soft boil an egg the doc had convinced Tom of what just might be the greatest idea in the history of civilisation. Armed with his new menu of possibilities Tom peeled himself out of the chair and set off with the sole purpose of creating the greatest construct known, with all the major neurosis covered by a series of blatant and subtle placements of the familiars so reminiscent of the docs desk and office.
Looking back Tom was amazed how obvious but invisible was the idea served up to him on a silver platter at the good doctors office, on recollecting the mornings conversation tom kept coming back to the question of size. It was a reasonable thought from a totally unreasonable person the idea had fascinated him so much he had stewed on it in a way designed to reduce the thought to its essence and thus be able through a series of calculations come up for an optimum size for every object with a variable of no more than 4.5%, given the fact that people
Compensating for lack of size in some circumstances with more ostentatious forms of display empirically size did matter.Tom believed all things could be to big therefore also to small on the sliding scale of value for size, relevant to form over function.These tricky computations but to Tom the process was like a cake the art as ever was in the mixing .


With Julia announcing the election date in the background i consider the option of voting and i vote every day. i vote with my feet. my decisions to do or not do is my vote. choice is the simple reason my life is simple, it is as simple as that. i will continue this path with open and honest responses to situations and ppl. with humour as a constant companion. i have no doubt my insight into who ppl really are is reflected in the people who i choose to share my time with. Vote with your feet and choose to be where you want to be or work towards where you want to be...
Baby steps Baby.

another pic me thinks ...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday mornin'

Up and organized, done stuff and am ready to head off to work. still a bit early so i thought i would tap out a few words before i head out. mission accomplished. ;) so a pic to complete this missive and yet again no relevance to the words that precede it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

time to rest

930 pm and me body clock is givin' the orders so to bed to sleep is my plan, a pic to finish cos i can, again little if any relevance to the text.


i finished work at 6pm last night and when i got outside it was pissing down, wet arse on the way home.While riding through the torrential downpour getting absolutely drenched i FINALLY realized how lucky i am i might be a bit cold and wet but in the immortal words (sung) of UKGO, "this too shall pass". i am heading home to a warm room hot shower so my current predicament is as transitory as life itself so i had a bit of an epiphany in the understanding department and i appreciate all that i am and all that i have. to my friends i am thankful for the honesty in our relationship i think i have made a world where i am comfortable living. and that's a great thing , i do also note on reflection that most of my friends have an equally charmed life , i think who we are determines (to some extent) the path we take and at the moment i have a little spring in my step as i whistle and sing my way down lifes path, you should try it to you will be happy!! yet the again the pic has little relevance to the words Pfffttt i say to that make your own connection.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


am up and about inhaled my first coffee and yes had a smoke , Pfffttt back on the ciggies, but at least at a greatly reduced rate , i could keep rationalizing but i will resist. off to work in the city today seems like a lifetime since last i went, only 2 days this week ,but with all my other goings on twill be enough. i will report back tonight i currently need some fuel to survive the day. have fun out there it is my intention to do the same. i must go do stuff ...


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

miss my pics

i love pics i have taken i do love some more than others but i do appreciate the process even as an observer and part time participant, let me post a pic.. this one has particular significance to me.The magical Yarra river closer to its source always brings out good things within me many day and night spent walkin talkin fishin and such, a great place to reflect.

i have been in a glorious place lately with everything seemingly falling into place for not only my good self but those i am close to. with insight combined with genuine effort i expect this state of affairs to continue and infect even more ppl so all can enjoy this life. i reflect back on absent friends with whom i would love to share the journey but we all chose our own path and in the end choice seems to be all we have so choo choo choose wisely and work towards whatever your dream may be. Cheers Mate

Monday, July 12, 2010

old Vs new

i was given a newish espresso machine in the last cpl of days. after letting it sit i have made half a dozen lattes. it's not like me bucket of plunger style java , made from the same beans roasted locally but the espresso doesn't seem to give the same kick.! as a gift it comes without any instruction manual but the standard of drink is improving with each waking day. i had mastered the latte machine when i lived with Tommy K but i may need to relearn, although this machine is the push button newfangled type. i did purchase some Italian Espresso ground specifically for the machine today the next cpl of weeks will tell the story. stay tuned for updates on my Java drinking habits to see if the new actually does replace the old or if as in the best of worlds they can live alongside each other Plunger and Espresso Machine side by side.

new day

well i slept in a different place today after falling asleep watching Trevors world of sport and woke in a comfy place. showered and ate a brekkie of organic bacon and eggs from the chooks that hang around outside all off to do my tax and put that finished touch on my new business enterprise, it seems the work is starting to come thick and fast. so from no job Steve i have transformed into 2 jobs within the blink of an eye. i am very pleased with how all parts of my life are progressing at the moment. as i am posting this from a friends computer there will be no accompanying pic. :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

so many thoughts so few words.

it has been a remarkable week end startin on Friday that i was convinced was Saturday all day J down and we visited an old mate and i fixed his 'puter just cleaning out 3years of temp files then the boy stayed over after receiving the phone call from Princess questioning why it wasn't her turn i felt the power in her calm delivery but i just held out one more time. At 3 yo i continue to be amazed but not surprised the power she wields and her understanding of said power seriously spooky stuff. the boy was as delightful as ever as he grows into the 5 yo he already looks like.watched Food Inc with Jace and he was spooked (again) by the whole retail food thingy. Julz swanned in Sunday just before noon with Princess.Princess cornered me and booked in her sleep over next time conditional on, no squealing. (her not me) and no Brovver (the boy) we agreed The boy quizzed me about my eminent sleepover as he considered 2 nights not enough and was angling for a third.Waiting for my friends arrival with a sleep over on the go. this weekend made me re realize how quickly the moment passes into something else so when you spot beauty in one of it's many guises appreciate it cos it changes as we all do the trick is to make it all for the better.i will try to post a pic of the princess the face of the future.

Sunday 9am

Had Latte with Big g brekky done and dusted about to venture to "the Pond" to buy a cpl of things and stretch the boys legs and possibly his mind while we chat and walk. Although the scooter his preferred mode of transport at the moment.ok i must away Julz is pickin him up at 11ish and i think the Princess will tagging along, so i will need my wits abut me.Quick pic me thinks

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A pic promise

a recent snap in the Carlton area taken while on the way to view Animal Kingdom at the Nova a cpl of weeks ago.

almost ready

with the boy here and Jay stayin' overnight twas a slow relaxed start 945 before we are fed and groomed ready to hit the streets for a finger bun and one of Jordies famous Lattes . maybe post a pic later ciao for now.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday myday

i guess with a title like that my career as a sub-editor is still a way away. Tis past 8am and i have dallied in bed longer than needed J and Red are here and it's fuckin' cold outside so i will post a pic and be on my way.Dressed in Sara Lea layers will find me snug all day.

warning the pic may have no relevance to the preceding words.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Busy Busy

Had a stream of visitors and calls this evening having just ushered the last of the stragglers out the door. watching elimination on MasterChef.

Mornin' Mate

Another great start to the day, it all seems to be happening at once. the Big G starts work today as a Stock Broker doing as his title suggests by broking Stock!. i have finished work for the week and i have a list of things to do a mile long. a latte at Jordies is high on the list as well as a mountain of dishes. it may sound ho-hum to some but i think these are the things that forms the glue that binds a life.i am thoroughly enjoying my time as competing forces vie for my attention.i will finish this missive off with a pic. i do love sprays pastes and stencils and might just post a pic that reflects the fact.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


it's still dark outside i have eaten showered and dressed just finishing off my java (plunger of course) before heading off to work .3 day weeks are my style i just have to ensure that i front up for the three days again today i am ready to go to work early .. so i blog .. later i must away.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Busy Busy

a pic will suffice for tonight as i have stuff to do and time seems to be slipping away. just consider this another box ticked with a pic.

Up and about

slept well woke rested had brekky made lunch and am ready for 8 hours at the coalface, i am enjoying my time at work and i look forward to more of the same it's not hard but it is constant and at the moment constant is just what the doctor i will finished getting ready for the ride to the city.

another pic ? why not? maybe another aspect of the city

Monday, July 5, 2010

not stating the obvious

the whirlwind nature of the last few weeks has left me standing firmly on terra firma with distractions aplenty i have steered an even course chose understated as a default setting. some times there is no need to restate the obvious. action make it self evident. am happy to place a pic with this post not sure what relevance it will have to the written words as i am yet to pick a goes

olden times not golden times

a recent poem that as an observer was easy to scribble. down i know what it means to me but others may take out of it based on who they are and where they have been, i am more into the happy clappy stuff at the moment, i think you can have too much of sunshine lollipops and rainbows but that's the timbre of the stuff currently spinning around in my head. so older stuff ( this one was penned earlier this year) gets posted on occasions until happy clappy comes back on the page.

Careful what you wish for
You might just get it
Slowly hold the prize
Then you start to dread it
When it was a dream
You shaped it as you want
Now it’s in the flesh
Trade it for the cunt
Request the deal again
Losing grace along the way
It all seems so familiar
Today reads yesterday
Played this game before
As you learned to walk
Don’t mean what you say
Draw your dreams in chalk
Wash the chalk away
With tears you help create
Worthless waste of time
I deserve my fate
Retreating to my cave
A spanner in the mix
Open up myself
To see what I can fix
Firstly feel the pain
Truth becomes my friend
Truly love myself
No action to defend
Accepting who I am
Respect my fragile way
Give myself the room
To show that I’m o.k.


another spray close to my friends place. it seems that Graff, is becoming more common in the outer suburbs although a skate park would be prime real estate for any sprayer .

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thought for food.

i went to visit a friend who had just moved in to their new place,We had free range chook and roast veg yummy i have not been a fan of chicken since the late 90s sorta no taste and having my nephew work at a big poultry supplier, i never bought chook but the drumsticks i ate last night actually had taste, i think the habit of knowing where what you eat comes from helps make better informed consumer choices. i don't buy Tomatoes any more 'cos of the lack of taste maybe i will have to reconsider my future buying habits when it comes to meat, fish or poultry.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

another spray

i hadn't seen this one before. i do love Sydney rd and its backstreets. the spray looks at a church on the opposite side of the road which (incidentally ) is undergoing massive renovations.

As i promised


These were snapped within spitting distance of the Zebras i really like the Paste it's cool to find the 3 different styles of graff all in the one location though the building that back and side onto the railway line have always been prime real estate for these activities and some sprays are solely for the train traveling public these are close enough to a road to diversify it's viewers mode of transport.

Urban Landscape

on my recent adventures astride my trusty steed this last week i decided to find a different way to reach a previously visited destination and to my surprise i happened across this stencil and a cpl of sprays on the other side of the train track which i may post later, seems an embarrassment of riches is my only problem ..

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another day in paradise

i woke to find the day had started without me, so i tried to catch up after my initial shock. phone calls and visits and more offers of work before i have blinked twice. maybe today will be ready for me 30 minutes before i am. i have also been booked up for a date tonight well lets hope i have caught up to today before tonight gets here.Today feels a bit different for the normally chuckly me as i speed towards the evening i will watch for time shifts.

Friday, July 2, 2010

On the way.

Enjoyable ride over to Coburg arrived to the sounds of computers being infected i could smell the panic in the air an acrid odour usually complimented with expletives and random jerky movements . this time cool heads prevailed and the power source was terminated. we moved to the laptop with the saved (hopefully) files. all ok Did some book-keeping and canvassed a cpl of possible service providers then walked up to Coburg for a latte with James paying. a very productive morning back to have lunch with Miles, he had noodles i had Clares self effacing veggie soup. a small play with Paddy then scored Toms coat for the wet ride home. the big C visited and inhaled a cpl or 3 beers assisting me to obtain my ABN (finally) before heading off to meet Claire for a meal, good luck with that mate.Since then i have had a bite to eat and organized my email accounts i feel like this day has been a long time coming and now its here its disguised as just another day luckily i am perceptive enough to spot this interloper and wish him a good day like it truly is. i can feel the slight incline as i slowly plot a course to destiny (lol) i am sure it's not uphill all the way i am used to coasting!.

Good Mornin' Guys

A Classic line from someone near and dear to me once said this and the beauty and innocence in the statement resonates with me this morning. i feel great my worlds are starting to align and i am about to embark on some work that has meaning which may give me the key to unlocking the great feeling of accomplishment that has evaded me for much of my recent working life to do what will impact someone in a powerful and life changing way for the better is payment enough, but i hope to get many rewards from just doing what comes naturally to me, i must get ready for the off.. big smiles and a satchel full of expectations are keeping me company today WooHoo i will try to find a pic to match my mood.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rose needs prunin'.

These Roses look like the Strayan classic Burn't Sundowner. Beautiful

Chowda not Chowder

Tom gave me a heads up 'bout Chowda on the menu and a cpl of texts got me a home delivery we are watchin Masterchef as Tom contemplates his culinary future the Seafood Bisque is delightful. the spuds may make it a Chowda

Day off

the time to do as i please and so many things i need to do, Obviously the trick is be pleased doing the things i need to do. i have hurdles on the horizon and the size and gravity may be dependent on productive time spent early.i used to be a strong advocate of the zen principle where the right time will present but i now think that i try to remain open to the destination but (that big BUT again) how i travel becomes more relevant. i am about to start workin' with a friend tomoro and the timing couldn't be better the nature of the work is a personal passion that was part of my workin life for almost a lifetime and to re use these skills and start to learn where i now stand is just what i need. i prefer the sculpted life landscape to the flat monotone but spontaneous is finding it harder to find a foothold. Patience til the time is right and i will sieze the moment.So i will feed the temple with grains and a burnt offering or two then plan the day. Baby steps Babe Baby steps. i see sunshine rsinbows and happiness scattered amongst the miserable sad circumstances that casts its shadow over me and mine, so chin up and relax and enjoy all that's about to unfold.

Riding My Bike

Up in the morning off to do what I like
Best form of transport is to hop on the bike
Start on the footpath watch out for the cars
Run into the gutter you land on your arse
Freewheeling movement pumping the pedals
No racing here no need for gold medals
Cruise down the bike path clear out the mind
It all helps you think clearly, leave problems behind
All by yourself, complete self-control
A concert of movement to help cleanse the soul
Weather conditions caressing your face
Find your own rhythm don’t join the race
As the distance recedes trees passing by
One with the world chance to both laugh and to cry
Making decisions chance to think things through
The essences of riding helps to know what to do
Come to a steep hill legs start to burn
Work yourself harder make wheels turn
It’s time to focus on the crest of the hill
A steady cadence impressed with your will
Rolling along now cycling with style
Symphonic movement eats up mile after mile
Getting closer to home hands firm on the bars
Slip down the inside glide past the cars
It’s all downhill now freewheeling fun
Time to hop off riding is done
Muscles tighten up twinges of pain
Keep yourself warm stretch again and again

Your own trusty steed parked in the hall
Ready for action whenever you call

Do you?

If I were you,
And you were me.
Would I like the view?
What would you see?

Would I get me?
Like I miss you?
Can you see,
What you do?

Hear your voice
Coming back to you,
Does it now sound false?
But you thought it true

Excuse me too,
Do I hear me?
Ms. Construe