Wednesday, June 30, 2010

perspective on a reflective redhead.

do you look at the stencil or the space this is one of my Favs.

What's cookin' Doc?

The Doc studied the desk. fine wood, not that he had the ability to discern gradient soft timbers from the harder lush tropical rainforest varieties fashioned into desks of stature and meant to inspire confidence in the owner Respect and a certain amount of reverential fear from the constant stream of state funded clients and the increasing number of sad cunts like Tom who just need to get on with it, life that is. rather than leaving the Doc to direct the proceedings.
The Doc had been misconstrued from an early age this had turned out to be his biggest asset, ironic really. the fact that his often stupefying non responsive silence was always due to the Docs inability to know what to say so his vacuum of personality is very easily transferred to the absence of words, this has always been mistaken, thought to be the product of a deep thinking analytical super mind the Doc offered nothing more than a space for people
with greater presence (everyone) to expand and expound ideas and rationales that the Doc latched onto quicker than the time it takes to slip into a well-worn pair of Irish brogues
Tom being late didn’t concern Doc he was quite unaware that time was an abstract concept designed to wring the last vestiges of energy and strength from those who could least afford it. The Doc was deeply considering the placement of his iconic gronk left to him by the celebrated and feted food rapist who was executed at the monthly gatherings organized by the media group responsible for the fair treatment of food campaign designed to reclaim the dignity of food before being consumed, the three year battle to stop potatoes being mashed has taken its toll and the Docs gronk reminded us all the power of the culinary phrase
No self-respecting veggie would volunteer for a process of bruise boiled burn and basically destroy and value that the vibrant natural entities had to offer.
It was this serious question about the ultimate benefit of even a slight shift in the gronks spatial positioning that held the Doc riveted to the thought, when Tom arrived unannounced and wafted through the door like the smell of cabbage advancing to meet the prospective diners at the sidewalk cafes where cabbages had their heads unceremoniously severed all in the name of sauerkraut. Those fucking Germans would get what’s coming to them soon enough.
As Tom crashed down in the well appointed chair like a sack of spuds the doc was jolted back to the importance of the next 30 minutes.’whats cookin doc?’Was Toms usually precursor to what usually ended up being a one sided diatribe venting toms hostility to all who didn’t mirror his passionate belief in the value of chopping dicing and julienne each conversation until the analogy of digesting bite size pieces of rationale thought was not only plausible but highly desirable.

Twixt 'n'Tween

IN A BIT OF A QUANDARY I KNOW WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE I THINK I KNOW HOW TO DO IT BUT IT'S ALL IN THE TIMING. SO ('SCUSE CAPS I JUST NOTICED) i will wait 'til i think the moment is as close to ideal then i will try to ply my trade to get all parties to work in unison towards an agreed common goal it will be no mean feat but it can be done. Cryptic is all i can offer as i think less not more!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Doin' stuff.

i remember riding up to this sign smoke in mouth as i snapped the pic aaahh already these may be the good ol' days or is that daze?

With masterchef on in the background the word massive seems to be on high rotation, well work was ok i am improving and didn't take or bott a smoke today no Lolly or Chewy either it all seems to easy but time will tell you only succeed until you don't but i am cool with the process and that's good. all is good in my world at the Mo. am off to do some work with James it's been a long time coming but it just might be worth the wait. again that tattle tale time will be the ultimate decider on what is.

Keep Restating the Obvious

it's cold outside

10 AM windy and a shower or two with a top of12 according to the radio, am out to Brunswick to buy my coffee have run out and want becomes need as i give up the ciggys don't think i could forego me italian espresso as well might be just a little to much at the one time , given the choice lol well enough lollygagging around 'tis astride my steeed i need to be as i have to work at 2 ish .. wow i am actually doin' stuff that tyhe thought of amused me in a previous life..

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day wun

Had a good weekend scored Nicotine chewy and lollies so today i didn't have a ciggy at work am home now and still have not relented although the tobacco seems to glint in the light.i didn't have time to smoke at work and i now have a replacement if things get desperate. i am yet to have a chewy but i think i might try one sometime this week.

Dad and Mum

My father was and is such an even tempered man of generous spirit and disposition, if i can affect positive change in the same manner my father did i will consider myself successful in my journey through life,

Mum and Dad

If you add it all up, do every sum
The best of the best, is the love of your mum
Unswerving devotion to help you achieve
The blessing they have, is to give not receive
If ever in trouble, mum helps where she can.
Gradually shaping the boy into man
My thanks are eternal, for the life you have given
Caring and loving, selfless and driven
Bask in your spotlight, while slowly we grow
Reflect in the glory of the kindness I show
As hearts keep on beating, with barely a care
My life seems much better just knowing your there
Time for reflections, take a breath and relax.
Now it’s my turn, to live life to the max
While I travel my journey, to some far away place.
The thought of your love puts a smile on my face

The tales not complete without mentioning dad.
His strength and his purpose, the great times we had
He taught me to fish with the worm and the hook.
And whenever I tangled he would never go crook
When I see him I am thankful for his guidance and love
With you for a father I feel blessed from above
Together you’re perfect as husband and wife
Contented and happy to live the good life
My happiness grows with each waking day
It’s got to be good to turn work into play
The skills that you gave me the talents I bring
Helps me to dance whistle and sing
Enjoying life’s bounty taking the test
As a mum and a dad
You are simply the best

a Brand Knew day.

Both baby steps and the greatest journey start with a single step remind me that today is a stand out day in the world i live in. and i will keep this greenstick milestone with me part away along the road. cheers

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cut and Paste

in the grand tradition of the Title not relating to the blog. just a pic will to for now if 'puter allows. Happy Birthday Dad i Love you Miss you and have been thinkin about you lately XXX

somethings cookin'

Throughout the docs life he remained totally oblivious to the needs of others and how his vacuous form of social interactions lead those close to him or even within yelling distance to suffer the consequences of his aberrant and often ill conceived strategies for dealing with life
This method of dealing with life’s daily dramas had been working in a fashion to get doc to find himself principal in his own group of companies that through an intricate tax rort serving up at tax payer expense and the governments insistence. Feeding half baked (tom would love the food reference) pseudo intellectual psycho babble to serious criminals and demented sociopaths and a smattering of off the street genuine sad cunts just needing a push in the right direction.
His latest quest in order to help the food focused Tom was to turn the tables on the product of the environment theory that abounded while he tried valiantly to cobble together enough marks to pass the supplementary tafe bridging course to finally gain acceptance into Sotts .the way Tom who had been a cook and felt the comfort of food to be his sanctuary but not eating it as many do, but to roll the vowels and consonants around b4 spitting them out in a cornucopia of culinary prose meant to kept the interest simmering but sometimes tom just couldn’t give a frappe .this is where docs theory of enviro-constructs seems almost plausible to the point where tom was going to leave the office convinced to construct a mini kitchen around his waist to maintain his high level of comfort no matter how the outside forces were gathering or attacking his spices and basic food prep skills and jargon would keep him on a keel even enough to allowed him to coax a soufflĂ© out of just the mere hint of an idea. When doc would rephrase and repeat toms bouillabaisse of ideas back to him served with a nice crusty French bread the outcomes seemed assured.

Dr Fairchild

the start of the story below was written some time ago but the good Doc has received a bit of publicity of late and a reprise may be in order.

It all started in this very office some time ago. Although he is known by many people under the various titles he has bestowed upon himself (its was fate and god that gave him the sainthood) sitting at his desk surrounded by his army of amulets, secret meanings, strategically placed keepsakes and spiritually charged rocks sat the man. Face painted with his usually blank expression waiting to absorb the persona of the poor unfortunate person next to breach the threshold.
Christened by the celebrity priest (another unfortunate episode that the doc would later use as evidence in his defense in the case being waged against him) that was all the rage 30 years ago Steven Chance Fairchild had struggled ever since to actually have any sort of personality always believing himself to be the shining star of any and all gatherings ‘the doc’ as he liked to refer to himself as had a little known undiagnosed personality vacuum. So from an early age Steven had filled that vacuum with the personalities of the people he came in contact with on a regular or even irregular basis. He had built up such and extensive network of socially and emotionally dysfunctional people he could chose who he wanted to be by just looking at his diary. Of course this could only be possible if our doc was smart enough to understand his sad machinations performed to enrich his life so tragically blighted by the personality vacuum. Being Friday he was also unaware that as past Fridays have gone before his diary was a mix of violence lust and the soon to arrive Tom another sad cunt who managed to lumber himself with the crazy emotional dichotomy of only being able to relate to people if the conversation was strained through spice and food and cooking jargon like a well sifted pile of self raising flour. At an early age Steven had known himself to be different not special as those kids who got on the white bus, but different the tune that rolled around in his head had no rhythm no back beat in fact the tune that echoed in the cavernous recesses of the docs mind was the loudest silence anyone has ever heard. Thinking all to be the same as he, our hero attempted to fill the silent tune with the drum beat of every psychotic unbalanced songster that came within yelling distance of our empty vessel. Some how our ironically named Dr Fairchild had managed to bluff bullshit and blunder his way through the education system with the result being a increasing number of quasi official looking documents that entitles him to advertise in the gay and straight press the services of his mind transferal personality training for the rich poor troubled and just plain fucking stupid. Given his contacts with the parole board and the criminally insane soccer team he had a bulging diary with clients who had to attend his self serving sessions in order to fulfil their requirement to be allowed rejoin the community and continue practising there own special brand of love
. Amen brother to those that allow this wonderful win win situation

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Off out

quick word or three, worked today Sat. is the same as the others just a tad quieter. out to a local restaurant for a feed. gotta go.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Carlton Location

the back streets of Carlton host a hidden world of Street Art go for a wander if'n you're in the area.

Day off

the misnomer of the term day off makes me chuckle i think i may refer to the day as Day away from paid work, regardless 'tis a day where i get to catch up on all the stuff i don't get around to 'cos of work. Up early but will retire back to under the doona as i consider my options and slurp the last of what may be the first of many coffees today. Overcast and looks a bit windy

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ranga Rules like Ginger Ninja

i am happy to announce Julia has just risen to the lofty political hieghts of Prime Minister i do hope her honeymoon lasts past the next election due mid next year at the latest although i prefer not to encourage any Pollie by voting i do think Julias pedigree and long term social justice agenda will serve the ppl well. So i will observe the Media as they address the gender issue with possibility of Hairstyles and Twin-Sets overshadowing policy in power.


Do I?

do I press enter
put it down on the page
tell me what’s next
entice me to rage
Walk Away Faye
won’t leave me alone
find my contentment
in the happiness zone
with truth as a weapon
wage the good fight
help navigate
dark into light

Mornin' rituals

Up at sparrows fart to get ready for the days activities roll out of bed quick rinse in the shower that just keeps on giving dress in the collar and tie then a glorious brekky of Egg on toast fresh Eggs are one of lifes joys a dark plunger coffeee then gather my stuff for work Banana in the lunch box and i am sorted .. only a half day today the 13.0pm knock off makes me really understand and appreciate the balance i have that makes it all work for me. so with everything as it should be in my world i will leave you here while i prepare to cycle into the City , which truly is a joy in itself do need to change my playlist on the headphones but at times the sounds of the familiar bring me comfort, so as Bobby sez and sings "don't worry,Be happy".

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Exit Through the Gift Shop

With the plethora ( nice woody word, no tinny sound there) of online streaming and download options for movies on the internet a film needs to hold some (more than a passing) interest before i will shell out hard (well not so hard ) earnt cash to watch a movie on the big screen. i have done it twice in the last fortnight.Exit ... is the pseudo doco which was supposed to be about BANKSY but in a stroke of genius BANKSY turned the camera on the passionate film maker as the story helps document the graff. scene and culminates in the farce of Art show that seriously parodies the whole Art/Street Art industry. i was never quite sure how whether i was being taken for a ride while BANKSY enhance the enigma. i enjoyed the potted history of the global hi-jinks of spray and stencil. an impressive movie with a second viewing a must.

Computer sez YES internet sez no

better late than never

Computer sez YES internet sez no this situation led me to consider the nature of my Blog, I think it’s the immediacy of the interaction that I enjoy, when I address the screen and hit new post I rarely have an idea about what I will write and can struggle to put a title then fill in the gaps on the page. Recently my new found fascination with work and the conveyance that gets me there has been a subject that is in the front of my head ready to teem onto the screen but as I now write (like in the olden days) a letter with the intention of posting it I am doing what I have always loved doing writing and attempting to translate emotions and perspectives to the page to give my thoughts form and to see them as tangible evidence of my place in the scheme of things (such that it isn’t). Having always been a glass overflowing kinda guy I am happy to report that all is well in my world and I believe it will stay on track to what appears a very desirable destination but (another big BUT) I am so pleased with the quality of experiences this journey is affording me. I had the good fortune to attend the local Art House cinema to catch the well reviewed Animal Kingdom a Strayan film with an ensemble cast and character driven plot that had my friend and I on the edge of our collective seats. The performances of Ben Mendhelson and Jackie Weaver held me spellbound while the story engaged as I observed the inner workings of a crime family that tries to survive the changing times. Another quality Strayan film that deserves a wider audience.

Monday, June 21, 2010

cut the cloth accordingly

y puter is`having a crisis of existence maybe by posting this `missive from another 'puter may help my machine to understand the nature of servitude tall order but it seems at the moment it's my only hope stay tuned for further developments as i try to disgrace and shame it into action (it's never worked before) but as you may read into what you're reading these are the actions of a` desperate man.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


another cut and paste as i find no need to reinvent the wheel


Time is a concept I cant seem to grip
Of time out and later a temporal rip
Its all been distorted since you came along
No expectations just a head full of song

Humming a tune a fracture of words
I barely remember it all seems so blurred
Quickly snatched moment that should never end
First time encounter of two long time friends

Taking it easy its good to be sure
It all fits so nice I’ve been here before
Struggling with words to know what to say
A second a minute an hour a day

Time seems suspended when you are around
A latte a walk a soul mate is found
The signs are all there been plenty of those
Joining together for the highs and the lows

Events might conspire to keep us apart
Forever you hold a place in my heart
Time on our sides as time marches along
Caressing the words of lovers sweet song

The future is now so no need for fear
A day a month a week and a year
If ever you wonder I pledge you my love
We just fit together like a hand in a glove

Other distractions seem part of the deal
Unify forces to keep it all real
Comes as a package with all that entails
Use adverse expressions as wind for our sails

Time might conspire with external forces
To alter the path of predestined courses
Let it all come if ever it should
The health of the mind keeps everything good

Traveling to the most sacred of places
Good thoughts explode into satisfied faces
Happy to see what each day will bring
Your existence ensures the world reason to sing

Whistle and dance feel the temperature rise
As I connect with your soul through the depth of your eyes
The feelings one has are not always shared
Accepting your fate no need to be scared

No reason to think my love will be spurned
Make light of life’s dramas as the wheel is turned
Celebrate the decision let happiness rule
cos if you are contented then everything’s cool

Give your life freedom create a safe place
Cherish the moment let it shine on your face
Reflecting the glory that each day will bring
Live it forever let the world hear you sing

I would like to continue the words just keep coming
Time found and not lost as the tunes I keep humming
Big smiles and laughter I will leave you with this
I would like to get started with one simple kiss

Saturday, June 19, 2010

the day

It was a unique day in so many respects but unlike all the days before it, this day was a day whose day had arrived,. it burst across the dark horizon like a fluoro headband on a sweaty jogger. Having bustled the night with a mixture of style and brilliance the day continued to dazzle by getting even the hoarsest of birds to sing like nightingales, no mean feat !!!!! …..It was one of those sorta days………. not a ghostly spectre of the glory days [whenever they were] or even the halcyon days [I have ever had the chance to use halcyon in a sentence, shame that but I still hold out hope] but the beginning of the pact between the 3 most influential characters to grace the page of ……[insert name here]………………….anticipation being a sense to be savoured this day might just turn into something other than an afternoon or evening …..The reason d’etre was written in the stars with a flourish that would make Pablo pale and in a language that only speshal yes SPESHAL ppl can understand …………I will translate where possible…………… reflectorman was ready to jump into action but with dichotomy man and torchie for company the solutions were breeding problems, reflecting torchie only inflamed the situation [fucking obvious no translation needed there] and dichotomy man never stayed in the one spot long enough to really show his worth and under the scrutiny of reason and a bit of good old fashioned cage rattling
The meeting place for the honoured guest of this excitable day?
Another no brainer sheeesh all the best days start with a latte or caffeine in the different guises that it comes in espresso machiato..So it will be down to the café d'jour to sample the wares charge the body with natures nectar and think the unthinkable
This day not only approved but insisted that the rules as we knew them were going to be cast to the four corners of the seven seas….
So start unthinking the thinkable and thinking the unthinkable cos that day has arrived………….

as prev. stated on rereading this post is more relevant than ever and reposted accordingly.
i consider this notice as a sense of urgency creeps closer.

wooden trees

Knowledge and wisdom are not the same thing, ( i do have a habit of stating the obvious) until recently i was somewhat unaware how events have impacted me. hindsight is a wonderful thing but i have considered that on an emotional level i have an understanding how things work without the need to constantly review the past. i admit that at times i haven't been able to see the wood for the trees. i intend to take a big picture approach to life while trying to improve my lot and that of the others around me. i refuse to be infected by the anger and agendas of others but the last cpl of months has opened my eyes to the balance that has been missing in my world and the need for me to venture or adventure on more occasions relax and enjoy may be replaced with testing the tested. time will tell (hindsight) but time seems to be the silent warrior that brings us all back to earth eventually but in the meantime i will fight against the fading of the light.

a personal thing

not used to workin' weekends but all days end in why? Egg for brekkie not my normal start but change is a holiday apparently, The sun is shining and all roads lead to Rome so it's Rome where i am headed not matter the direction i take. this rings true for so many circumstances, even if you don't wanna go to Rome enjoy the journey and when you finally get to Rome then consider the journey needed to travel to return via a different route. maybe this all sounds a bit befuddled and cryptic (although not my intent)the moral of the story is that as moments pass we never know if we will return (to Rome)so the appreciation of the journey means destination become irrelevant ... well that's what i read into what i wrote ...tis up to others what they read into my writing. our lives are such a personal thing.

Friday, June 18, 2010


well i beat the rain home tonight. happy for a 5;30 finish and a quick pedal home, although winter solstice sez its dark at 5ish, at least the shortest day is behind me (or another year ahead) i will look forward to the morning getting lighter earlier and the slow withdrawal of the night back into the night where it rightfully belongs. i have company this evening, we may venture out for a feed or raid the cupboards or i could finish off the sammies (sangers (sandwiches) ) i didn't eat at lunchtime today, i do love to have options the possibilities are a joy for anyone that loves choice and i can report to all that I LOVE CHOICE 'tis one of the true joys of life. so now i choose to finish this post.


Seems my patterns of sleep are yet to settle in synch with working. Although i find the bed before midnight on most weekday evenings and usually the same on the weekend seems that my eyes respond to the brain sayin' its nearly 6am you need to be awake and i wont let you go back to sleep. so my choices are lay back snug in bed and reflect on what comes next or what happened last, or get up move around shower, eat, coffee.... mmmmm Java and of late the latter has been the go to option. the lack of quality company in my bed coupled with my working agenda means i don't hang around horizontal for more than 5 minutes.So as i am up and about before work with some spare time on my hands i will share some of these moments with the silent readers i imagine that read these pages. deep shallow and all depths in between will be explored during these shallow seems the way to go.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cheatin' ?

As it was my plan to write (blog) everyday, i consider that to post stuff previously written to be a bit of a soft option . soft options can be good even no brainers at times, but BUT (that's a big but) the act of fronting the machine and doin' a bit of cut/paste drag/drop is probly within the rules/guidelines i set initially. So i figure i can post old (but highly relevant) stuff as long as i justify it (like now) or shed light on the what, when and why of said post. so with that magnificent hand wringing verbal exercise behind me i will pick a post that found me in another place

no sense of humour
no reason to smile
never been here before
may stay for awhile
gathering moments
milestones fly past
treading the water
trying to last
add to the list
tick every box
open more doors
remove all the locks

Ready to go

just after 730 am and i am dressed and ready to head off, the weather looks deceptively calm with the forecast of extreme winds and rain squalls ... we shall see, i am looking forward to work today it seems like an eternity since the last time in harness and the ride to the city is one of lifes' joys for me at the moment ... after watchin' the Banksy movie yesterday i will have a keen eye out for tags sprays and stencils as i ride the steed into the smoke .. hope all enjoy today as i intend to ..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Banksy movie

i caught a train into the city to see Exit through the gift shop, 530 session so i got there early bought a ticket $11 (concession) i offered to show my card but Anthony said i didn't need to! he trusted me, nice touch. he also advised to be ready to go in at quarter past as he was expecting it to sell out. i blew a number as i wandered the banks of the Yarra rang a friend then turned off my phone ready for the off. i promised a review of the movies but on getting in the cinema (prime position) i realized it was the Study of the Hats that i was seeing. Berets abounded in Red Crochet ,Fleecy Cream, Rigid French Beanies ,Half Beanies Long Tailed Beanies all which out numbered the recently (but not now apparently) popular baseball cap oh the list could continue but Hats became a style indicator followed closely by the Scarf including what Motif Length and method of draping around the neck Next i observed several Phone turning off (or placed in stealth mode) rituals then the movie started which i thoroughly enjoy along with the rest of the audience but thats another story.
footnote** the french accents were thick on the ground in the small cinema and not one of those french accents was coming from underneath a Beret PPfffftttt i say and i say it with an 'eavy french accent.


Response to pure love
No place I should be
I need a cold life
Intimacy free
Give me unfeeling
Unnerving and hard
Show me the dark bits
Play the cunt card
Toe in the water
Fuck with a head
Try drivin’ stuff crazy
Turn crazy instead
Inconsistent reactions
To whatever they do
Convinced it will be
To good to be true
Treat scorn with a look
With a smile to say
Reflect the depressed
Lightness and gay
Know that the thoughts
Of defeat and despair
Are readily flipped
to the joy of the share
ease into contentment
open your heart like a door
give and receive
like never before

My 'hood

Picture post of where i work (the tall building on the left) taken from the walking path on the way back from the "G" after footy on a Saturday arvo

Taking the opportunity to type

i just don't get it ! for the last few days my 'puter as switched itself off and on and off and on seemingly endlessly ,then as my demeanor was casual at best said 'puter decided to stay on while i blogged sent a cpl of messages then let me watch Media Watch and several other Iview programmes without even threatening to reset (for the millionth time) so i left the "puter on overnight and lo and behold it greeted me with its blinkin screen with the news that Puter sez yes My commitment to tap the keys daily in an act of discipline combined with the recalcitrant puter has led me to more understand my writing process . from brain to screen is a different dynamic from brain to page to screen . i seem to write (as opposed to type) like i talk, the cadence of the words fall differently on the page. and the process of transcribing from page to screen brings out the (copy) editor in me. many interesting things for me to ruminate upon with regards to context and delivery .. just goes to show that each problem brings up a set of circumstances that help change the line and length of my life and although my line and length seems to be working a treat of late i am always keen to try another way different paths can but don't always lead to the same destination.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Patients of Solomon

in the hospital of the hard luck stories i am traveling better than most with all my setbacks and seemingly glaring shortcomings Patience is a tool i have come to trust .. "it will all out in the end" and if it doesn't, it probly means you just haven't waited long enough and/or prepared a space big enough for circumstances and sensibilities to collide bringing about true joy (ir)regardless of what the 'puter sez!!!

So Solomon your Patients have been tested and turned out to be true to who they are . in this i truly rejoice.

What? a weekend!!

a recent encounter coupled with past lives and an intractable (seemingly) computer that continually sez no no fucking no forced this out

i am as i am.
no hint of regret
mantra reflects,
aid and abet.
recently tested
see what rings true,
calmness in me,
anger in you.
out to have fun.
a latte and beer.
histories present,
let's disappear.
past lives return
remember cutting the ties,
is the loudness of silence
better than lies?
withdraw from the conflict,
laugh as we leave
fun police follow
looking for grief.
exit the scene
feel the effect
simply must laugh
as we debrief then reflect.
slowly progress.
on the right path.
company kept
that i love and can laugh.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sleep well, Wake rested

had a good day yesterday organized all my work stuff ready for the off later on in the week. tis the official Queens birthday holiday today and i have a date. The plan is either a movie or wander down to Brunswick to listen to some live music. i am a bit new to all the going out as a cpl and doing stuff but i am looking forward to the outing. i haven't needed to consider the whims and wishes of others when steppin' out for what seems like a lifetime, previous i would go where i wanted or not, but with someone else picking the pub and the Band i get to enjoy live music that i personally wouldn't go to see, couple this with the current fat nature of my wallet and it seems i am going to be experience the new and little considered artists and venues that are scattered throughout Brunswick. As my tastes lean towards poppy as opposed to soulful sounds, our first such outing will be one of the happy clappy upbeat Bands currently in residence at one of the Sydney rd venues.. i am really looking forward to this as we may take turns suggesting where to go and who to see.Its 830am and i have just had a text to hook up for a latte .. so i will type later.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


A biting wind and an overcast sky would normally mean stay indoors unless duty forced one to brace the elements, but thrill seeker i am i decided to wander 'round the block no phone no destination just the joy of the journey. Line and Length is ok but as the current on again off again nature of my computer lately got me thinkin' about how random can allow you to think outside the box even force you to change perspective. since my recent re-awakening there is nothing like a slumber to revitalize and re-enforce what really matters, i di this for new on a almost daily basis and on reflection of the last few years ( my star sign shows Uranus behind me) i seem heading in the right/write direction, ( "puter said NO 3 times while i was writing this blog mmmmm patience me thinks me has that previously may have eluded me ...

Mum and Dad

If you add it all up, do every sum
The best of the best, is the love of your mum
Unswerving devotion to help you achieve
The blessing they have, is to give not receive
If ever in trouble, mum helps where she can.
Gradually shaping the boy into man
My thanks are eternal, for the life you have given
Caring and loving, selfless and driven
Bask in your spotlight, while slowly we grow
Reflect in the glory of the kindness I show
As hearts keep on beating, with barely a care
My life seems much better just knowing your there
Time for reflections, take a breath and relax.
Now it’s my turn, to live life to the max
While I travel my journey, to some far away place.
The thought of your love puts a smile on my face

The tales not complete without mentioning dad.
His strength and his purpose, the great times we had
He taught me to fish with the worm and the hook.
And whenever I tangled he would never go crook
When I see him I am thankful for his guidance and love
With you for a father I feel blessed from above
Together you’re perfect as husband and wife
Contented and happy to live the good life
My happiness grows with each waking day
It’s got to be good to turn work into play
The skills that you gave me the talents I bring
Helps me to dance whistle and sing
Enjoying life’s bounty taking the test
As a mum and a dad
You are simply the best

start stop start stop

My computer spent the last 24 hours turns itself off and on and off and on etc etc. i was keen to share my experiences at a 5yo birthday party but 'puter wouldn't stay awake long enough for me to completer my mission. and i did get a bit Antsy about it then i let it do as it wished and then and only then did the 'puter choose to fire up and allow me into my stuff online so i will post a pic of Birthday boy with Sis and cake

Friday, June 11, 2010

LESS is more

let the quality of my words be reflected in their brevity.


Bacon and Eggs for brekky before i ride off to work, i am feelin' great life is fuckin brilliant so iof you read this please try and remember to squeeze all you can out of each and every moment and this should be done without a whiff of desperation, not so easy but so so worthwile and rewarding
Duty call and my trusty steed awaits


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Anniversary

the Boy was born 5 years ago today! and sticking with my mantra of, "i don't do i don't do." i rang him up to help him celebrate the day. i firmly believe that to single out one day to treat someone speshal forgets that everyday is speshal and so are the ppl close to me. i like to make them feel the speshal person they are each and every day.To say that Asterix have a great relationship so under estimates all that he has done to teach me about myself and life itself. So to one of the nicest ppl i have had the fortune to share time with, Happy Anniversary Mate.

early mornin rush

had a friend sleep over and what with showers coffee and toast (with home made marmalade) time is running away so i must be off, maybe more to report tonight. suffice to say "great night"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

it's rainin' again

7am Wednesday mornin it is pissing down outside am dressed and ready to set of for work after finishin my cereal, the question is do i hop on the trusty steed or is it so wet the only way to get to work is on the tram or train. i realise that i will, as ever ride into work. but the weather just lets me remember the most important thing in my life CHOICE i have choice and the decisions i make need to be based on my free will. tis a beautiful thing and regardless of whether i get a wet arse on the way to work doesn't matter cos the choices i make puts me in the places i want to be and if it doesn't then i make a different choice next time,

simple and this can be transferred to all aspects of my life choose to be who you want to be and where you want to go and how you would like to get there simple

Turn on myself, to get a good view

Can’t you see in me, what I see in you?

Disconnect head to look back inside,

Lights going out make it easy to hide.

Build up the answers let nobody in

Same in the end doesn’t help me begin.

Slowly I process, take time to think,

Stand at the edge, stare over the brink.

The chasms enormous, stricken with fear,

Wander away, no place for me here.

Always alone no matter the crowd,

Keep my own council? Or say it out loud.

Today it’s all true, tomorrow who knows,

And as quick as it comes the answer it goes.

To be perfectly frank with nothing to prove,

I will keep looking til I find my groove.

If you find me, does that mean I am lost,

For me to show me always comes at a cost.

I can only be, as my life will let,

All I can do is aid and abet

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Home Alone

i am lucky to come home to a empty house with the run of the place change into me casuals unpack my bag and head to the fridge for food kettle on java prep done and again like most things for me lately in the blink of an eye 2 hours have elapsed almost imperceptibly. Reason enough to take a deep deep breath and savour the moment as it passes. it works for me! both when home alone or in company.

Sleep ,perchance to dream

Broken sleep haunted by my X, seems some can't let go of the past and like all good Xtians rewriting history is the order of the day.i might get the chance to address these issues on the weekend when i attend the boys 5yo birthday party. Asterix was insistant i attend and although i don't normally do b'days, this time i will make an exception. lookin forward to taking some action shots as the Jumping Castle will be the place to be. all else is wonderful in my world at the mo.
ready for the ride to the city, it's 730am and the corporate world beckons and i am responding accordingly


Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Arvo

Home again,
easy gig today, tech problems for (non)starters. dbl jacked for a bit (love all this jargon. but dbljackin sounds so good i couldn't help myself) i will refrain from stuff like adherence (has to be a work word) i can't imagine that i would say adherence in a social situation or is that i can imagine i wouldn't say adherence in a social situation. this is currently under review which may be the correct grammatically as i do say, "let's see if i can't find the number" when, "can" should be the pivotal word. But i digress, what me digress never!!! well maybe on occasion. i do love the Art of the mobile conversation. so where was i ?? that's right. dbl jackin' lol. had a debrief after tech sorted, got my photo I.D. all ready for a 9am start tomorrow had enjoyable ride home then a visit from Clay internetin' on his iphone. the day has just flown, i need to get stuff done so as to do it all again tomorrow.
the pic is the Rialto in Melbourne my home during office hours give or take an hour or 2

Monday mornin 7am

showered shaved and ready for a day at the office the lights breakin through my trusty treddley is waitin in the hallway sorta light showers are about i will risk the rain on my life affirmin ride to the city fuck i love my life just at the moment somewhere to go something to do and seemingly the cherry on top is it looks like i am up for more of the same woohoo and i trust all enjoy today as much as i intend to. each and every moment is to be cherished..

Sunday, June 6, 2010

a Smile you can hear.

a little after 7 on a chilly Sunday evening the weekend done an' dusted, 2 large lattes at Jordies made with love. Cats went on thier winning way ,it becomes a bit ho-hum mid season as we roll along with an irresistable brand of stylish easy to watch footy, hard and honest.the Banksy movie is showing at Fed square for the next few weeks plan to catch that.Exit through the gift shop. seems he is able to maintain the mystery while producing a movie . i will review after viewing. so all in all a very enjoyable weekend not sure that's a reflection of the toil of the week but more likely the quality of the company i kept and the joy i find in the everyday activities like shopping for food and drinkin tasty coffee both at home and also while steppin' out.we had a welcome drop of rain soak the veggies and rinsed the flowers. Eggplants are waning and the first little Brothel Sprouts are forming. as i have heard spoken recently and i heartily agreed. " i love my life" just takes a bit of reflection to see how sweet it truly is.


the day and time at the top of the blog post seem to be set up to a day behind "tis a bit disconcerting given the fact that i intend to post daily yet the day heading contradicts this. in the immortal French style Pffftttt i say. i know and that's enough for me.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

scare tactics

if i wore this on my bike i would probly run myself of the road( my dislike for clowns and the pretense they present and represent is inate) i think the Stupid fuckin drivers in Melb who text and talk on the phone while driving dont need another distraction but a good scare might let them in on how deadly the game of cars and bikes is.

Friday, June 4, 2010

what, a week?

as my perception of the passage of time expands and contracts i start to understand what a difference a week can's still early doors but i feel the imposition of routine has been of benefit to me. Random is cool and it is a badge of rebellion in many ppls eyes, swimming against the flow makes space for questioning of the direction traveled it would be easier to turn around and go with the flow with no effort needed to let the current take you where it wants you to go.well i have a clear goal ahead of me and the structure of a 5 day working week will assist me to realize my ambitions,such that they are. while the happiness quotient remains high i will continue along this new(ish) and exciting direction.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

computer sez no

just like the screen today in trainin computer sez no. i had this eloquent blog written and was adding the pic to compliment my words, well really the other way round, 'til yet again and probly not for the last time 'puter sez no. not gunna dare to try to post another pic t'night
'nuff said

Computer sez no

'mother day of trainin to quench the unquenchable (hmmm not sure you can quench the unquenchable but here goes ...) thirst for knowledge and growth . as the trainers have stated this week a few trees have been sacrificed to aid my instruction and i must admit i do love a handout i will just put these instruction papers along with all seibel (shudder) directional digressions and the hospitality course i just almost completed. and that is a story in itself (regards to Griff). well anyhoo i took some pic on my phone of the views from my soon to be desk. but when i went to share Computer said no! i will attempt to overcome machines limitations by postin said pic.. we shall see

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

hump day

i heard it called that today. the mid week hump gone are the days of the 7 day week relaxing and pleasing myself figuratively of course. today was a day of visits Agency rep at work and Clay Tommy and Jack after work .Bowl of roast Veg for fuel.3 days in and i am starting to get the hang of the system. short and sweet today as i return to my company with some of the sweet rewards that working on buffet day can bring.i lasted 2 days on the crap instant coffee my trusty plastic plunger is parked in my desk at work along with locally roasted Italian Espresso courtesy of George in Brunswick $26 a Kg is money well spent.time to go til tommorow

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

chewsday Day chew

while riding home from work i considered the reason for starting this blog ... what do i find important,shall i observe and describe my 7 co inductees, do i expand on the nature of my trainers,do i expose personal details and milestones, so many fuckin questions and i have to review the stuff i did today! sheeesh well i have no idea what idea may be a good idea. i will consider these ponderables along with the many imponderables. Veggies on the stove and i feel the need for clean so the shower awaits. i will report back soon.
Oh i got a pass to the Rialto elevators today . woohoo
work is giving me a different perspective in more ways than one (first time i typed that little phrase lol it made me chuckle to read it) and i do love the ride into the city. i might get tech enough soon enough to post a pic but no breathe holding here baby steps babe baby steps.